Monday, 14 May 2012

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Twisted Wheel to play The Playground Festival, Whitehaven, Saturday 19th May 2012

Twisted Wheel have been confirmed to play at one of this year's earliest festivals
The Playground @ Whitehaven on Saurday 19th May  2012

Adult weekend tickets @ £30
Saturday tickets @ £25
UNDER 10S TICKETS @ £5 PER DAY - a golden chance for the young fans!!!



in Memory of Henry Bell

Saturday 14th January 2012 @ The Royal George, Greenfield, Saddleworth
with friends and family of Henry Bell

A moving tribute in memory of Henry, who inspired Jon to write the legendary song 'Strife'.
Musicians from Saddleworth gathered at the Royal George for a rousing send off, with Jon ending the evening with a great acoustic set


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

a Boxing Day party to remember at the Ruby Lounge, Manchester ~ 26/12/2011

So,  theres been a noticeable lack of Twisted Wheel news of late, but behind the scenes the lads have been feverishly rehearsing for this special gig, and they didn't disappoint! The Ruby Lounge was packed to the rafters, making the joint one hell of a sweaty place to enjoy a post Christmas pint or ten. Crowd surfers (both male AND female) 'n a couple of stage divers really made the bouncers earn their pennies.

The lads had prepared a totally different set, 23 songs long. Setting the pace with 'Racket' and 'Bad Candy', with newies 'Reggae', 'UK Blues', 'Better Man', 'New Boy' getting another airing. A new rendition of 'Smash It Up' went down well. Jonny played three acoustic numbers including the magic 'Merry Go Round'.

Manchester had waited a long time to see the Wheel again, but I'm sure they wont be waiting quite so long next time as the lads are locking themselves in the studio to master their second album, with a UK tour taking shape in early 2012 and even bigger news to come - so watch this space

Friday, 2 December 2011





The lads are making a rare appearance at one of Manchester's smaller venues, before embarking on their National tour - which will include headlining at the Manchester Academy - next year
Tickets will be very limited so get yours quick!

This will be a Boxing Day party to remember!!!!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Twisted Wheel gig review @ The Victoria Inn, Derby 03/06/11

To mark the relaunch (under old management) of The Victoria Inn, Derby, Twisted Wheel kindly agreed to appear at the opening night, and with the gig only arranged little under three weeks ago, it was a total sell out on the night, with people packed in to the hot n sweaty joint.

This was one of the Wheel's last gigs before locking themselves away in the studio to record their hotly anticipated second album. (only two more chances to see the band now - Napa Live in Cyprus 16/06/11 and the rescheduled Swindon gig -12 Bar, Swindon 30/07/11 - original May tickets still valid plus new tickets now available).

Being no strangers to Derby, the lads were pleased to be back playing in the town, and judging by the crowds outside the venue, the locals couldnt wait to welcome them back.
10pm, Twisted Wheel took to the stage, 'Lucy The Castle', 'Shes a Weapon', 'Racket' all prooved how much the lads appreciated being back. They played a fast tight set, superb vocals and sound tonight, mellowing out for 'Tell The World' - which the crowd loved and 'Strife' - got them chanting. Newie 'New Boy' went down a storm with the stomping guitar solo. A longer set tonight, with Jonny & Steve obviously enjoying themselves creating and unbreakable bond, instinctivley knowing what each was thinking. 'You Stole The Sun', 'We Are Us' and 'Oh What Have you Done' bringing the fantastic set to a close.

The audience loved it, chanting WWHHEEEELLLL long into the night. On the evidence of this gig, the lads have got plenty more to offer. Signing autographs and chatting to fans Twisted Wheel appreciate all the support and promise one hell of an album to come... stay tuned xx

more from FOM Festival, Manchester 2011

Twisted Wheel interview with @ FOM Festival

Great set! You lads like playing the festivals?
Yeah, we like playing anywhere really, festivals, clubs whatever. We’ve been playing at weekends mostly, and in the week working in the studio putting the next album together. The next tour will be all the big cities and that but we’ll always play where other bands won’t play and where people want us to play.
How’s the album going? What’s it going to sound like?
I love that sound on some of them 50s and 60s rock ‘n’ roll tunes like Chuck Berry and old Sun records, the vocal on them, so going for something like that, but i’ts the same with the punk records from ’77-’79 and the sound they had. It’s just us mixing those things we really like, I just want it to sound mint, you know what I mean, we’ll be looking to release it September time hopefully.
Anyone on the bill you’ll be checking at today?
Where’s Strutter? – they’re mates from Mosley and live near us. I met Lee at footie and Paddy at school, they’re a great band and have really put the work in playing gigs and building up a name, getting their sound right and that, I love ‘em and think they’re ace.
I’ve been asking some of the Manchester bands today about the football, who supports who in Twisted Wheel?
Eoghan Clifford: Me and him (Stephen Evans) are worst for it; he’s a City Fan and I’m Utd. When City beat us in the F.A cup semi-final straight after the game my phone starts ringing and it’s him – any other City fan would have been dancing round the house, but the first thing he does is ring me up, that was his way of celebrating the derby – by giving my loads.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Twisted Wheel's set review and photos from Friends of Mine Festival, Manchester 21/05/11

The 2011 festival season kicked off in fine style this weekend, with a brand spanking newie - Friends of Mine, Manchester. Set in the beautiful grounds of Capesthorne Hall, just 14 miles south of Manchester. Very well organised with two arenas and plenty of stages, two camp sites (and nice toilets - with sufficient paper!!) a birthing pool (well it looked like it), a big wheel and plenty more -  to celebrate the best of the Manchester Scene (and beyond)

Saturday night and Twisted Wheel played the Lake Stage. The storm clouds had gathered but with the huge crowd of over 3,000 crammed infront of the stage they managed to generate enough heat to keep the rain at bay.
 With the chants of 'Wheel' eminating from everywhere, the lads finally took to the stage (a little later than advertised due to the previous bands taking a little longer to offload their gear than anticipated) and proceeded to set the festival on fire with 'Lucy The Castle', 'Racket', 'Shes a Weapon', 'One night on the Street' and 'Strife'. The newie 'New Boy' getting an excellent response due to the demon guitar solo.

 With Jonny suffering from a slight sore throat, the audience were only too glad to help by singing along, word for word, in perfect time, 'We Are Us', 'You Stole The Sun' and 'Oh What have you Done'

The crowd loving every drop and not wanting the lads to leave the stage, Jonny pleaded with the organisers to do one more, but it wasnt to be.

Neverthe less, it was a rip roaring set, with I guess many new Twisted Wheel fans being added to the ever growing list. 

# all words and visuals by Jane, if you want to use them feel free, but its only polite to ask!#